Sandra Reynolds: Pay Next Day
Digital marketing campaign to advertise regular clients Sandra Reynolds new Pay Next Day initiative.
We worked alongside a local model agency, Sandra Reynolds, creating a marketing strategy and campaign to help launch their ‘Pay Next Day’ scheme.
About the scheme
Pay Next Day is a brand new initiative aiming to help combat the industry-wide issue of delayed freelance employee payment. Sandra Reynolds are taking a brave step to help change this by committing to paying its models and actors the day after an invoice is raised regardless of how long it takes for the client to pay.
Digital marketing strategy
To coincide with the launch of the campaign, East Coast Design Studio developed a 5-week digital marketing strategy. This included social media content and promoted posts as well as copywriting, PR opportunities, and launching a direct newsletter marketing campaign to maximise audience reach and generate buzz.
We designed a separate identity for Sandra Reynolds's sister company, Sandra Reynolds Juniors, that was inspired by hand-drawn illustrations and a pastel colour palette. We created matching animations for Instagram stories and rolled the campaign out across Instagram, Facebook, Linked In and the Sandra Reynolds and Sandra Reynolds Juniors websites.
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