Norfolk's Edge Website
Bespoke website design for Norfolk's Edge.
Co-founder and award-winning Head Chef, Alex Clare, has been cooking up unique and memorable dishes across Norfolk for the past decade.
His newest venture is Norfolk’s Edge, which offers sustainably sourced food at the beach, on holiday and at home.
The project
The website needed to cover three core services: private dining, dine at home, and the Winterton Airstream food outlet. With exciting plans on the horizon, the website needed to be future proof, to allow the website and business to grow alongside one another. A combination of contrasting fonts and grid-breaking, contemporary layouts allowed Norfolk’s Edge to stand out against its competitors. As always, our websites are responsive to every device, meaning that whether browsing on your mobile or laptop, your website will always look and function beautifully.
We implemented and developed a search engine optimisation strategy to ensure the website was 100% SEO friendly from launch and reached Alex's goals: increase visitors to Winterton and private dining bookings. Less than two months after launch, the website is already climbing the Google ranks. It's currently on page two and we're expecting it to be in the top three of page one by March 2022. Watch this space!
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