Dewing Grain App
Digital marketing campaign focussed on increasing app downloads and raising brand awareness.
Grain Traders Dewing Grain launched the Dewing Grain App: A digital marketplace, where their customer base can trade, as well as keep up to date with the latest real-time market information and industry news.
To coincide with the launch of the Dewing Grain App, East Coast Design Studio launched a digital marketing campaign focussed around two key outcomes: App downloads and raising Dewing Grains online profile, widening their client base.
We naturally opted for two different forms of digital advertising: A 10 week social media campaign, with budget for paid social media advertising. Alongside a targeted email marketing strategy.
As the Dewing Grain customer is a niche and targeted audience, we utilised the audience targeting functions on Facebook and Twitter to ensure our paid advertising was reaching the correct individuals and businesses by filtering age, location, interests and devices used.
The social media campaign was hosted on Twitter, and Facebook with a combination of still image and video content created in house; All targeted toward user engagement with fresh, on brand visuals and captions. Check out some of the results below.
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